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Audio Exposure ST

Modern Day Remixes of Classic Atari ST YM Tracks

v1 Compiled: 28th October 2003
v1 Released: 21st May 2004

  1. The Tracks
  2. Bonus Tracks
  3. YM Originals
  4. History behind the Project
  6. Legalities
  7. Volume 2?

The Tracks

Click a track title to visit the download section.

# Title Composer Length
1 Rings of Medusa Max Levin 3:50
2 Syntax Terror Fletch Scum 5:20
3 Gods gets Funky Pramantha 2:25
4 Goldrunner Mr Coke 1:56
5 Killing Game Show Hardcore Mix Scum 5:02
6 Mindbomb RikRock 3:53
7 Many Sheep in outer Mongolia Mr Coke 2:46
8 Verminator Mixdown RikRock 2:44

If you download all of the files you might also want the Winamp Playlists and the CD cover artwork.

Bonus Tracks

In the "Bonus Tracks" folder you will find four additional MP3 files. These are variations on the tracks listed above including Extended Remixes or re-edits. I personally believe that the best version of each track is listed above, but you may like these remixes so they are included for completeness.

YM Originals

Included in the "YM Originals" folder is exactly that - the original YM tunes from the games and demo screens in question. You can play these on the PC with ST Sound Player or by using Leonards Winamp YM Plugin. You can play the SNDH versions on a real Atari with SND Player. They are in both YM and SNDH format (other than Gods which is a soundtracker mod). Many thanks to Anders Eriksson for finding the SNDH versions.


Back in the middle of 2001 I was busy rebuilding my web site, The Little Green Desktop. While I was working on it I had a "coming soon" page up and little else. There was however a message for any composers who fancied remixing some classic ST music to get in touch. Several people did and various MP3s filled my Inbox. Sadly nothing ever really came of it, which is entirely my fault. I had the tracks sat on my hard drive and just never did anything with them. That was until today (28th November 2003), some two years later.

To the original composers - thank you for your work! It was (and still is) quite awesome. To you, the listener - sorry for not bringing this to you sooner. There were no guidelines given to the composers, they could pick whatever track they wanted and remix it in whatever style they liked. This freedom means we have a variety of musical styles, from the guitar and vocals version of Gods to the ambient Verminator Mixdown. Update: After some time sat on my hard drive doing very little, this pack is now released! Finally!


All of the tracks are in MP3 format with full ID3 v1 and v2 tags. There are two Winamp playlists included, one for the released tracks and one including the extra bonus tracks. Both playlists are in the correct sequence and the tracks have been ordered to provide a smooth transition between game and demo tunes, especially if you use Winamp or an MP3 player with a fade-track ability.


These tracks are "public domain" and may not be sold. Feel free to spread and include on any other free compilations you wish to make.

Volume 2?

Could there be another release in the future? Well it is possible, contact me if you'd like to contribute.

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